Norwegian bank account

If you have a bank account in Norway, it would be preferable that your benefits are paid to this account. Payment to a Norwegian bank account is the easiest and quickest method of transferring benefits from NAV. You can arrange for your Norwegian bank to make regular transfers from your Norwegian bank account to your foreign bank account or use a VISA card to make withdrawals from your Norwegian bank account when you are abroad.

Foreign bank account

If you do not have a Norwegian bank account, payment can be made to a bank in the country of residence (usually in local currency). The costs of transferring to your foreign bank will then be deducted from the payment. The charge vary from NOK 3 to NOK 5 to bank accounts in foreign countries. For payment by cheque, the fee is NOK 300, -. You must cover any costs incurred in the foreign recipient bank related to such transfers.

The transfer must be marked

When the payment is transferred to a foreign bank account, the transfer must be “marked” with an IBAN number (or SWIFT number / BIC address). If these are missing, the transfer charges may be higher.

If you are unsure whether your bank account has an IBAN or SWIFT number / BIC address, contact your bank for clarification.

Payment dates

The bank will transfer your pension to your foreign bank account a few days before the due date so that most persons receiving a Norwegian pension abroad will receive payment at the same time as the pension payment dates in Norway.

Child benefit

No payment notification is sent.

Your child benefit will be deposited in your Norwegian bank account no later than the last working day of the month. The bank will transfer your child benefit to your foreign bank account two days before the due date so that most persons receiving Norwegian child benefit abroad will receive payment by the last working day of the month.

Daily payments of pension or other benefits that do not have a future due date will be credited at least two days after the payment in Norway, due to the transfer time to foreign banks.

Delays in payments from NAV

If you have not received your pension or other benefits at the right time, the problem is usually with the foreign banking system or with your foreign bank, and therefore we request that you contact your foreign bank.

You will find information about delays due to NAV on

Obligations when moving

When you move abroad, you must

  • notify your local NAV office
  • notify the National Population Register

We would like to point out that when moving abroad, you must contact the Norwegian Tax Administration about tax liability to Norway.