Our Chat robot Frida is ready to answer your general questions regarding NAV’s benefits and schemes for families and children. Write questions for Frida that are as short and simple as possible. She is still in training and will therefore answer your short questions as best she can.

Please write your questions for Frida as short and simple as possible. Frida understands questions in English, but she will answer in Norwegian.

If you want to chat in English Frida can transfer you to an adviser at NAV Call and Service Centre. Our advisers are available to answer general questions between 09:00 am and 02:30 pm (weekdays).

Chat with us 


Do not provide personal data such as name and national identity number. This is an anonymous service. All conversations with Frida will be stored for 6 months to compile statistics and improve the service. 

Questions about your case

If you need to provide personal data in order for us to give you an answer, please contact us at 55 55 33 33.

Questions regarding payment

You must either check  Your Payments  or call us at 55 55 33 33.

Benefits and schemes for families and children

  • parental benefit
  • lump-sum grant
  • pregnancy benefit
  • child benefit
  • cash-for-care benefit
  • determining paternity
  • training allowance
  • care benefit ("sick child days")
  • child maintenance, advance payments of child support, allowance for special expenses
  • single mother or father (transitional benefit, child care, allowance to cover tuition fees and supplementary benefits)