Interruption of the benefit period

If you have had a stay in your benefit period of up to 52 weeks, and you want to start claiming unemployment benefit again, you normally do not have to submit a full application. Instead, you apply to resume payment of unemployment benefit.

This may also apply to stays exceeding 52 weeks, if the stay was due to

  • participation in a labour market scheme
  • completion of initial military service
  • illness related to pregnancy

You need to contact NAV in any of these cases.

In resuming payment of unemployment benefit, the three-day waiting period does not apply.

How do I apply to resume benefits?

Apply to resume benefits.

Important information about applications submitted on or after 1 July 2019

From 1 July, it is no longer possible to be granted unemployment benefit with retroactive effect. It is therefore important that you submit your application for unemployment benefit no later than on the first day you are unemployed, in order not to lose days of unemployment benefit.

Attachments when you apply for resumption

If the cause of the interruption is work, you must attach

  • a copy of all the employment contracts you have had since you last applied for unemployment benefit
  • a notice of termination, including information about the cause of termination and the date on which it was issued. If no notice of termination was issued, you may instead have your employer fill out the form “confirmation of cause fo termination/reduced working hours” and submit that instead.

Even if you have not been terminated, and your working hours have just been reduced, for example if you are a call-in replacement, you must document the reason why you work less now, and the date from which these reduced working hours took effect.

If the reason for the interruption is an education programme, then you must attach

  • documentation that the education programme has been completed and document the date you took your last examination.

If NAV stopped payment of unemployment benefit because you did not qualify as a genuine job seeker, you must submit documentation confirming that you now meet all the necessary criteria. If you stopped receiving benefits because you were unable to accept work or participate in programmes due to a lack of child care, you must document that you now have child care arrangements in place.

New calculation of the basis for unemployment benefit

When you apply for resumption of unemployment benefit, you will generally receive the same amount of unemployment benefit as you received before. If you have worked for at least 12 weeks, you can ask NAV to recalculate how much unemployment benefit you are entitled to. NAV will only set a new basis for your unemployment benefit if this new basis is higher. You can also ask NAV to recalculate your normal working hours. Do this when you submit your application. NAV will only recalculate your normal working hours if this will result in a higher basis for your unemployment benefit.

If you request recalculation, NAV will always choose the calculation that is most beneficial for you.

If you want NAV to recalculate your regular working hours, you must submit documentation of all the hours you worked in the last 12 months. You do not have to resubmit this documentation if you have already submitted it. You should specify in your application which kinds of documentation you have submitted in the past.

Exceptions from the main rule for resuming benefits

  • If you were laid off and your benefits were discontinued because you returned to work for the same employer after being laid off for more than six weeks, you will need to submit a new application for unemployment benefits. The three-day waiting period will apply.
  • You must also reapply if you have taken an education programme that lasted more than twelve weeks. The three-day waiting period will apply. This does not apply if you completed or dropped out of the education programme.
  • Remember to submit documentation of all education programmes you have completed or dropped out of.

to resume benefits