Main points in the regulations

  • Support will be calculated based on what it costs to support a child. The maintenance cost varies with the age of the child.
  • The maintenance cost of the child will be shared proportionately between the parents according to their incomes.
  • The non-custodial parent’s ability to pay child support will be assessed when establishing the child support and the payments will be discontinued or reduced if the financial circumstances of the non-custodial parent so indicate.
  • Deduction is made from the maintenance support if the time to be spent with the supported child (access) has been agreed in writing or has been fixed.
  • There are several exemptions and supplementary conditions.
  • Child support and advance payments of child support are not taxable and the non-custodial parent cannot make deduction in his/her tax assessment for child support paid.
  • Both parties must pay a fee if the public authorities establish or amend the child support. The fee is NOK 860 for each party (a court fee).
  • The advance payments of child support is means-tested.

Establishment of child support by the public sector or private agreement?

The regulations governing the establishment of child support by the public sector can also provide guidance if you enter a private agreement.

The support of children is viewed as a private matter and consequently it is unnecessary to involve the public sector if you, as parents, can reach an agreement in which you are both satisfied. Private agreements also give parents the opportunity to find a solution that is better suited to the individual family’s situation than official regulation can possibly provide. If one of the parents wants NAV to establish or amend the child support, both will have to pay a fee to the state (currently NOK 860). Entering a private agreement attracts no fee. If you have entered a private agreement, either of you can request the collection centre of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service to collect and pass on the maintenance support without having to pay a fee.