Non-genuine cross-border workers

If you live in one EEA country and work in another, but return home less often than once a week, you are a so-called cross-border worker.

Cross-border workers' right to unemployment benefit – exemption from the requirement to live in Norway

In general, benefit recipients must live in Norway in order to be entitled to unemployment benefit.

Temporarily laid off and partially unemployed cross-border workers

Some cross-border workers who have been laid off or whose working hours have been reduced may be entitled to unemployment benefit from Norway, even if they return home to their country of residence during their period of unemployment.

This applies to:

  • Cross-border workers, i.e. those who (before they were laid off/became partially unemployed) returned home to their country of residence at least once a week.

  • Non-genuine cross-border workers who (before they were laid off/became partially unemployed) worked regular and recurring shift work and returned home during their time off.


Cross-border workers who receive unemployment benefit from Norway must satisfy the requirements for being a genuine job seeker in the Norwegian job market. You must send in an employment status form and be willing to take a job in Norway at short notice. You can find more information about the employment status form requirement below.

What rights do you have when you are completely unemployed?

If you are completely unemployed and a genuine cross-border worker (see the above definition), you must claim unemployment benefit from your country of residence .

If you are a non-genuine cross-border worker and become completely unemployed after having worked in Norway, you may claim unemployment benefit here in Norway, provided that you live here and are registered with NAV as a jobseeker.  If you choose to return home to your country of residence, you are not entitled to unemployment benefit from Norway.

Application for a certificate PD U1

In certain circumstances you can transfer your accumulated right to unemployment benefit in Norway to another EEA country using a certificate PD U1. This certificate confirms the right to unemployment benefit you have earned in Norway.


You can get an application form for a PD U1 certificate (NAV 04-02-05) and information about the necessary documentation under 'Form and Application'. Remember to enclose all the required documentation!

PD U1 certificates from Norway may only be used to claim unemployment benefit in another EEA country. If you do not plan to claim unemployment benefit after working in Norway, you do not need to apply for a PD U1 certificate.

How do I claim unemployment benefit in Norway?

You must register as a job seeker if you want to claim unemployment benefit. Your profile will then be available to employers seeking employees and you can be matched with vacant positions in NAV's vacancy database.

Unemployment benefit claims forms are available from You will also find information about the documentation you need to enclose with your claim and on how to submit your claim. In other words, there is a specific claims process for unemployment benefit. Registering as a job seeker does not in of itself entitle you to unemployment benefit. 

Remember to enclose all the required documentation! If you do not submit the necessary documentation to NAV, it will take longer to process your unemployment benefit claim.


What rights do you have if you worked for a company that has gone bankrupt?

Employees who work for a Norwegian company that has gone bankrupt may be advanced unemployment benefit while awaiting payment from the Wages Guarantee Fund. Read more about the wage guarantee.

The normal requirements for unemployment benefit must be satisfied in order to be advanced unemployment benefit. This means that, for example, if you register as unemployed after the date on which bankruptcy proceedings have been instituted, unemployment benefit will only be paid from the day on which you registered as unemployed.

Sending employment status forms to NAV

Cross-border workers who receive unemployment benefit must send an employment status form to NAV every 14 days. If you do not submit an employment status form, you will not receive unemployment benefit.

Exporting and importing unemployment benefit - PD U2

Exporting unemployment benefit

If you are completely unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit from Norway, you may apply for a PD U2 certificate, which gives you the right to continue to receive unemployment benefit for up to three months while applying for work in another EEA country.

You can find the conditions and application form here.

Remember that you cannot travel until you have applied for and received permission to export your unemployment benefit.

Importing unemployment benefit

If you are applying for work in Norway while receiving unemployment benefit from another EEA country, you must bring a completed PD U2 certificate from the country from which you are receiving unemployment benefit.

You must register as a job seeker and must submit an employment status form every 14 days while you are applying for work in Norway. For more information read Unemployed - what now?


If you have any questions, please contact the telephone number 55 55 33 33.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.